COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on some of the poorest and most vulnerable workers in the retail industry in a number of ways. At the start of the global lockdown, many retailers cancelled orders for clothes that were ready for shipping or already in production. Over USD$2 billion worth of clothes were cancelled in countries like Bangladesh, India and China.

Many manufacturers received little or no payment for these cancelled items, even though they had already incurred the costs of production. Over a million workers are already estimated to have lost their jobs due to these unprecedented cancellations. Without action, there is going to be a humanitarian crisis with many people losing all their income and whole families starving. 

Lost Stock is a collection of clothes selected for you, containing clothes that major retailers have cancelled because of COVID-19 without payment to the factories. Lost Stock buy these clothes from the manufacturers directly, and put together your Lost Stock box guided by your style preferences (or you can ask to be surprised!) and what cancelled stock is currently available.

The clothes won’t have brand tags. They will have been destined for a number of different well-known brands and retailers. We cannot share exactly which brands your items are from, and there will be no labelling to identify the original brand. Here is some news coverage about stock cancellations from ITV and The Guardian.

Each Lost Stock order contains at least 3 items. These will mainly be t-shirts, blouses, shirts or other tops, suitable for your gender, size and in line with your general style preference. There may even be a jacket or a floaty dress. 

You’ll get a mix of clothes, with some practical basics and one or two more premium pieces. Almost all the items are light and versatile, and easy for layering so they will work across seasons.

The products will all be of the kind of quality you’d expect from a high street retailer. You can find out more about what you will receive here: What’s in your Lost Stock box? 

Lost Stock currently deliver to the UK, US, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Shipping for your delivery destination is calculated at checkout.

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