I love planning. Which is good because I do a lot of planning! In my job, for my blog and day to day in my life, organising my family. So when it came to planning and organising my wedding, I was in my element.

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. It’s important to be organised, especially if you are going to do it all yourself. One of the biggest items on the list to prioritise is setting a budget. If you don’t, you’ll keep finding lots of different things you want to add to the day. And before you know it, your budget will have spiralled out of control. So focus on what you can afford.

Managing guest numbers is important and with it, is the cost per head. Check also to see if VAT is included or excluded from any figures you’re quoted. It’s easy to forget these details in the excitement of everything. But it can come as a shock if you haven’t allowed for it.

I found it really helpful to have a separate account just for my wedding. It made managing the money much easier and I’d really recommend it.

Having a wedding gown designed and made for you is an incredible feeling. You look beautiful & feel glamourous. Having confidence in clothes is all about how we wear them and how we feel in them. Even the simplest shapes, when made well and fitted correctly, will look stunning.

If you want to keep your wedding stylish it’s important that your bridesmaids compliment your look. This needs to be done after you’ve selected your gown. You can help your bridesmaids get the perfect fit by looking at prom dresses for your body type. Which covers all the different body shapes going.

When looking at bridesmaids dresses, you will need to try a variety of designs and colours and see what suits them. Try to keep to the same colour and shade if possible. If the design of the dresses vary, then look to keep the lengths all the same. Try to give some thought to how the dresses will look in photographs.

Cleverly thought through accessories can really make an outfit too. Fabulous hats, jewellery and shoes worn in the right way, will have the whole wedding party looking co-ordinated and really well turned-out.

For your wedding photography you will need to book a professional photographer. This will be for all the formal photos of your wedding day. But don’t forget that friends and family can capture lots of great photos of the day too.

You need to let them know it’s OK for them to use their phone cameras to capture photos pre/post ceremony and of course at your reception. You can get everyone involved by using a wedding photo swap app. Then they can upload all the photos they take of your beautiful day. This way you get to create a fab album to comment on and share. Not to mention, memories which otherwise might not have been captured.

When it comes to wedding flowers, it’s essential that you budget for a florist to do it. Because they are fresh for the day, you will not have the time to do it. Remember, you need to shop for flowers, transport them, store them and arrange them and this all takes time. And what happens if something goes wrong?

Wedding cakes get expensive the more tiers you have plus the amount of decoration on them. You can go with a professional cake maker. But, if you have a friend or relative who’s willing to make one for you, then go for it I say! We love fruit cake and a good friend of mine used to love making novelty cakes. So we commissioned her to make us a 2 tier cake for our wedding. It turned out really well.

A tip I learnt while working at a wedding venue was to slice the the cake all the way across. Then cut it into smaller sections and arrange on slate tiles. These are then be placed on the tables for guests to help themselves. I did this at my own wedding. It looks really nice.

Choosing a venue is a lot of fun but it can get quite stressful once you start to try and narrow down your choices. Whether it’s to suit your budget or for getting the dates you want. For a bit of inspiration, Bride Magazine reveals the most unusual yet amazing wedding venues around the world.

There are so many more things to consider too, like stationery, speeches, rings and honeymoon, to name a few. So get yourself an organiser journal or use an Excel spreadsheet. Keep track of everything and let me know how you’re getting on?

Remember also that it’s important to look after your health and wellbeing while you’re rushing around doing all this planning and juggling everything else going on in your life.