Coffee tourism is incredibly fun, and it is definitely in vogue in 2021. Plenty of people drink coffee each and every day, and now they want to know where it comes from, or visit cities where coffee is celebrated just that little bit more.

Coffee has a lot of fanatical consumers. It’s more than just a drink, and once you delve into the industry you can see why people are so passionate about the drink, which gives us so many different variations and interesting stories. It’s a bit like wine…without the hangover.

You might want to see how coffee beans are grown and processed, or you might just want to go to a city with cool and hip coffee shops. In this guide, we’re diving into trending countries for coffee tourism.

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Italy will always be a popular place for coffee tourists.

When the rest of us were sipping on instant coffee in the 70s and 80s, Italians were continuing to innovate and bring us some of the most exciting coffee drinks we know to this day.

Of course, Italian words like espresso, latte, cappuccino, and more have entered our everyday coffee vernacular.

Italy has also brought us huge brands like Lavazza, and there are plenty of stores where you can buy coffee equipment, coffee machines, and some of the best coffee beans known to humankind.

Each and every region of Italy seems to have its own varieties such as Sicily’s caffè d’un parrinu, an aromatic coffee with cloves and cocoa powder.

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Colombia is known for being both a prolific and quality coffee producer. They create 11.5 million bags a year and have an area called the “coffee triangle” made up of the cities of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindio, and the surrounding areas.

If you visit Colombia you are able to see farms and other processing units as well as rustic and quality coffee shops.

There are even specific coffee tours, which can be found on Airbnb if you are the type to plan ahead. These often let you take a peek behind the scenes at farms or roasteries.

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USA (Seattle, New York)

Coffee is a huge part of the culture in the USA. When it comes to roasting and preparing coffee, you’ll find some of the best coffee shops in the world in the country. Don’t be afraid to stay well clear of chains.

The demand for independent coffee shops and roasters roasting their own coffee beans is through the roof in some cities like Seattle and New York. There are dozens, if not hundreds of venues that you can visit to enjoy exciting varieties of coffee.

Though you won’t see coffee grown in America, you may well enjoy some of the most delicious cups of coffee you’ve ever experienced.

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Ethiopia is a fascinating country to visit anyway. Incredible wildlife and culture, and lots of coffee!

Ethiopia is actually considered as the origin of all coffee, as the first ever coffee beans were discovered there. As such, it is a huge part of the culture and the perfect place for coffee lovers to enjoy the culture.

People embrace coffee roasting and preparation as a sort of ‘ceremony’ in some areas, and it is intrinsically linked to socializing and friendship.

Addis Ababa, the country’s capital, boasts some amazing coffee locations. Shops selling beans or prepared coffee all have their own quirks and traditions, and coffee is prepared in many different methods.

On top of this, Ethiopia has many coffee farms that you can visit if you so wish, to gain an insight into how those beans came to exist and reach your cup back home. Where better for coffee tourism than the origin of all coffee?


A popular tourist destination, Indonesia boasts beautiful weather, incredible beaches, nature and…coffee.

Indonesia is another huge producer of coffee and they have some unique varieties, including the much-discussed Kopi Luwak, coffee that has been digested by the local wildlife, excreted, and harvested. Wow.

Javan and Sumatran varieties of coffee have unique tastes due to the variation in the growing conditions in the Indonesian islands, and the country also has some unique methods including coffee that has been prepared by heating it in embers of a fire.

Indonesian coffee tends to divide opinion somewhat. They’re one of Asia’s largest producers of coffee, and like other countries on this list they give you the opportunity to see both coffee growth and coffee culture.

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Expect coffee tourism to continue to grow, and when you go on your vacation, don’t be surprised to see tours of farms and coffee roasters advertised, or even walking tours where you visit some incredible coffee shops.

Coffee is so closely linked to culture in much of the world. It’s no wonder tourism is so closely linked to this beautiful beverage.


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