I originally started the idea for my blog back in 2017.  I had been gathering ideas and information, scribbling down notes and generally thinking about lots of different things and experiences I wanted to talk about.  It was just a small seedling waiting to be planted, waiting to be given the opportunity grow and turn into something beautiful.  Which of course, it has. Whether it was with money saving ideas or making a bit of extra income on the side, looking after your health, your finances, your family or your home, there were so many things I was interested in which I learnt about and wanted to pass onto others. Having learnt about how to set up a blog and wanting to help other people, I launched my blog in April 2019 at the start of the pandemic.  It was at the time when we were locked down at home and I had some spare time on my  hands.  Before then I was always so busy with other things. Mainly the 9-5 with a 2 hour commute either side! Looking back, I am so glad I did launch my blog online to the world. This is because I have seen my blog grow over the last 18 months when I thought no-one would find me. I have seen how my blog has evolved over time with my own personal growth. It has been quite a journey with many lessons learned along the way. But it has gotten me to where I am today and I’m still growing. By the way, I am a lifestyle influencer/blogger.  Just in case you didn’t know what type I was and lifestyle influencers/bloggers are becoming more and more popular in this digital age.  This is because we can share our ideas, tastes and habits with others, by blogging about it.  Take Julie, for example, who shows people how, with a little bit of creativity, they can take everyday items and turn them into home decor or gift items.  She has something like 300,000  followers on TikTok, which is absolutely amazing.
Many influencer bloggers have turned into style icons and fashion influencers.  Many other bloggers have found success posting about topics that are unique just to them. Whether it is about being vegan, dealing with divorce or being a stay at home dad. Blogging is a really great way to establish an online presence and express your expertise in a subject that you love. There are just so many benefits for being a lifestyle/influencer blogger. And, you can grow your blog exponentially with the right marketing strategy. With digital marketing the foundations of culture and behaviour, notably consumer behaviour, have been disrupted from the traditional form and are constantly evolving. Even business know that they need to be digitally aware. Blogging has now become an effective way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world without being too overwhelmed by information overload. So remember, with the right skills and determination, you too can also become a successful lifestyle blogger.


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