I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on mattresses & pillows over the last few years! Literally 000’s. All in pursuit of a good nights’ sleep but that’s a post for another time.

Mattresses & pillows can make or break your sleep. You know what it’s like, when you have a bad nights’ sleep. You wake up tired and cranky, with a whole day ahead of you to get through.

So, when I was asked if I would do a review of (FBC) The Fine Bedding Company’s vegan down pillow, I of course, said yes!

The nice folks at The Fine Bedding Company have sent me a pillow to try for my review.

Re-useable storage bag with pillow inside.

Who are The Fine Bedding Company?

Having a look on their website they started in 1912 as a small family company. Originally supplying large cruise liners and ships, before focusing on developing luxurious, solution-based bedding products. As a fourth generation British business with over 100 years of innovation behind them; their united purpose at work is simply to create a better product for a better night’s sleep.

In April 2000, they established their state of the art manufacturing facility in Estonia and they’ve been leading the way in filled bedding manufacture since. Their purpose built factory gives them full control of their products. From conception through to delivery and they pride ourselves on implementing sustainably responsible practices.

Vegan down pillow with side gusset visible to front edge.

What is Vegan Down?

Vegan down pillow fibres are made from recycled plastic bottles, uniquely spun and blown in such a way that they simulate the hand feel and warmth of natural down. The pillows are wrapped in a soft 280 thread count, sustainably sourced cotton cover and finished by hand in our own Eco-Factory.

The Fine Bedding Company

Pros & Cons

The pillow comes packed in a re-useable storage bag. When I took the pillow out of the bag I let it air out for a couple of hours. I then plumped it up a bit before putting it into my pillowcase. It looked so inviting and I couldn’t wait to go to bed that evening to try it out.

The pillow cover itself is a 280 thread count, sustainably sourced cotton cover. As I like luxury cottons, I use a 400 thread count cotton pillowcase over my pillows. This makes them feel wonderful against my skin.

Vegan down pillow showing the weight of a water bottle resting on it.

It has a side gusset all the way around the pillow which is great for side sleepers. This allows you to tuck the pillow in the neck gap between your head and shoulder, when you’re lying on your side. You can squish it up more under your head too.

Now, I like a medium soft pillow but I have to say that this pillow was extremely soft. Which was disappointing for me but not for friends & family who like soft pillows and had a try of it. They all thought it was perfect for their needs. My conclusion is, if you like a really soft pillow then you’ll love this vegan down pillow with its luxuriously soft outer cover.

Materials & Care

You can find the product materials and care instructions here.