As I write this, I have an A4 page with this month printed on it, several post-it notes and their pad, a small notebook with yellow re-cycled pages, piles of business cards and the back of a fag packet (not really) all with scribbled notes on them! How good would it be if there was a product to enable you to condense all of the above into one tidy item?

As you might have guessed by now, there is – a Dodo Pad! And the lovely folk at Dodo Towers have kindly sent me one of their Dodo Pad 2022’s to review.

So, what is a Dodo Pad and just how do you use it?  Not easy to categorise it, perhaps a planner/diary/note pad/scribble pad all rolled into one… maybe! Let me say right now that what use you put it to depends entirely on your needs or desires. There are some suggestions on the very first pages of the pad but it all depends on personal circumstances and need.

First looks can be deceptive, so let’s get into it. Opening the pad and what leaps out at you is the pages are bright! No, really, if you’ve been doodling and scribbling your notes on yellow/parchment like pages, be prepared to be impressed on how these scribbles stand out against the plain white or pastel backgrounds within the Dodo Pad.

On opening the Dodo Pad to the first ‘working’ page, it gives you calendars for this and next year.  Turning to the next gives you a planner for the current year, something I always like to have at my fingertips – my normal practice for this is to put one together every new year on a spreadsheet or if I’m feeling flush, buy a wall planner in the January sales.

Now we’re getting into the meat of the Dodo Pad, on the right hand page, a nice regular rectangle split into rows of seven days by five columns. Perfect for my inner obsessive-compulsive demon. Allocate the columns as you wish, suggestions are family members or time blocks, equally, you could apply a greenhouse watering schedule. Don’t listen to me! You decide what works for you.

I’ve often doodled/scribbled as I’ve suffered the long waits for customer service reps to pick up the phone, so a nice scribbling area on the left hand page is extremely useful as I draw enclosed grid-like doodles – I think this is supposed to depict a feeling of entrapment and of course you are, if it’s something like waiting for the car insurance rep to respond!  Note there are always little factoids and some superb illustrations on these left hand pages to keep your brain alive as you wait and wait…

Naturally you will want to do some real note work on this mainly blank left hand page, perhaps linking it to one of those rows/columns. I can assure you that the pages are a pleasure to write on, being smooth surfaced.

You have one scribble page and a week calendar every time you turn the page until you arrive at the back of the Dodo Pad, where you are presented with a following years’ planner, a card with an insert holding a pack of highlight stickers or use it perhaps for loose notes, maybe a few business cards . there are a couple of following pages entitled “Indodispensible Data”.

What’s not to like – and this is me and my scrawling writing, just a few lines on the doodle page to keep me on track would be good!

What’s to like – an awful lot, but, time will tell if you or I can discipline ourselves to use this to full potential and effect!

Dodo are a home grown UK company. Their pads are printed in the UK using vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced paper. It’s 100% plastic free with a vegetable based biodegradable laminate on the cover and can be fully recycled, should you wish to do so.

Dodo Pad 2022… spot on for me!

By direct from Dodo Pad, or alternatively from Amazon


Carly Belsey · at

I could do with one these pads, what a great idea. Im always writing notes on everything. This would be perfect.

Diane Hicklin · at

I love Dodo products I have one of these for writing in the TV and streaming shows I want to watch.

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