Can you remember the sweets you liked when you were growing up? I can! Sweets bring back fond memories of childhood days when the sun shone for longer and your 6p change from your weekly dose of penny chews went on a copy of The Beano.

Cola cubes, aniseed balls & twists, rhubarb and custard, milk gums, army & navy, space dust, sherbet dipper…the list is endless.

My son gets fed up with me talking about my favourite sweets as he’s never tried most of them.  He found this great site called A Quarter Of that sells all the retro sweets you can think of and if they haven’t got it, they’ll search for it and add it to their range.

We sat together and went through their site and picked out a dozen of my favourite sweets, so he could try them and I could enjoy them. From flying saucers, refreshers and bon bons to vegan, vegetarian or sugar free check out their extensive range, it’s amazing.

Everyone deserves a little treat from time to time. Whether you are indulging yourself, or buying a sweet gift for someone else; they’ve got you covered. To see what’s available have a look here.

Some of the links used on this site are what’s known as “affiliate links”. By buying through those links, I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price to you.


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