I’m already reaping the rewards of the seedling veggies I planted back in April.  Courgette, lettuce, beans…

If you missed out on planting seedlings near the beginning of lockdown, now’s your chance to catch up!

For the ultimate convenience, the following vegetable plants are available from Gardening Direct in 1 litre pots.  Ready to plant and quicker to establish, they will give you a bumper harvest in no time.

Windowsill Tomatoes

If you don’t have much space, why not try this compact sweet tomato variety.  Plant into a pot of your choice and place on your windowsill or in your conservatory.  It loves full sun and harvesting is from July to October.

Pepper Hot Bhut Jolokia

This Ghost Chilli Pepper is one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world and not for the faint-hearted.

This variety will produce an abundance of fiery red fruits throughout the summer months.

Offers an exceptional smoked citrus flavour which is perfect for curries or making your own chilli sauce.  Loves full sun and has a spread of around 45cm

Chilli Pepper Apache

One of the easiest chilli peppers to grow. The Apache is an attractive, compact variety which will produce a seemingly never-ending supply of fruits throughout the summer months. 

With its dwarf habit it is a superb choice for container gardening indoors or out.  It loves full sun and has a spread of around 30cm.

If you’re planning to create a herb garden, Fox and Flora has some tips on growing your own herbs that you might also enjoy reading.

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