Lab grown engagement rings are a brilliant alternative to mined diamonds without the
hefty price tag and ethical guilt. Infact, a moissanite ring can be upto 90% cheaper than an
equivalent high street mined diamond ring. Today I’m delving into the world of Lily
Arkwright to find out more about their gorgeous premium Moissanite engagement rings
and Lab Grown fine jewellery. As well as their ethical and social promise to deliver
sustainable luxurious jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring look no further than Lily Arkwright! They are
a global online retailer who produces stunning ethical and sustainable fine jewellery at an
amazing price point, supported by unrivalled customer service. They offer the very best
quality lab grown diamonds, coloured gemstones and moissanite engagement rings,
wedding bands and bridal jewellery. All of Lily Arkwright’s rings are available in a variety of
18k white, yellow, rose golds and platinum precious metals.

Lily Arkwright are also proud Assay Assured jewellery retailers and committed members
of the National Association of Jewellers based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.
All precious metal jewellery offered by Assay Assured jewellery retailers carries the
legally-required independent hallmark verifying the precious metal content, a protection
over and above legal requirements. Lily Arkwright only sources and sets IGI and GIA
certified lab diamonds so you can be confident that your diamond has been expertly
crafted and have the peace of mind that your lab diamond meets your specific
requirements. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Lily Arkwright’s commitment to
excellent customer service is evident in their glowing customer reviews on TrustPilot.

No matter how conscious you are when it comes to shopping for natural gems, they
fundamentally hold traces of negative mining industry actions which can have profound
environmental repercussions for local communities. Therefore, lab-grown gems are your
perfect alternative for someone who desires an ethical ring without breaking the bank!

There are several factors as to why more people are shopping for natural diamond alternatives:

● Affordability
● Sustainability
● Guaranteed origins
● Durability
● Guilt-free composition

Photo Reference: Lulu Elongated Cushion Cut 3.34 ct Moissanite, 18k White Gold Ring

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is considered one of the best natural diamond alternatives, moissanite is in many
ways superior to diamonds. Indistinguishable from a diamond, It’s a unique gem with original
chemical and optical properties that were originally formed in meteorite craters. Extremely
rare in nature, scientists discovered an innovative thermal growing process which takes
place under controlled laboratory conditions, enabling its formation for use for engagement
rings and other fine jewellery.

Moissanite is an amazing diamond alternative with a stunning visual appearance of
unprecedented shimmer and sparkle. Rating second of all gemstones in terms of hardness,
with a score slightly lower than diamonds at 9.25-9.5 on the Mohs scale. Making it an
incredibly durable and brilliant choice for engagement rings designed to be worn and shown
off everyday.

One of Lily Arkwright’s most popular rings is the Grace Solitaire, often referred to as ‘the little
black dress of rings’, which has been designed to allow as much light as possible through
the centre stone. This allows for a breathtaking sparkle. Take a look through Lily Arkwright’s
moissanite collection to find your perfect moissanite ring.

Photo Reference: Grace Round 1.90ct Moissanite 950 Platinum Solitaire Ring

Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab diamonds are also a wonderful choice for engagement rings. These man made
diamonds hold identical physical properties to natural diamonds, making them the closest
alternative to an actual mined diamond. The only difference is one is created in a lab and the
other beneath the earth’s surface. Lab diamonds are created in controlled laboratory settings
through replicating the high temperatures and high pressure conditions which occur in the
Earth’s crust where diamonds form.

Some people mistakenly think of lab grown diamonds as ‘synthetic’ or ‘fake’ but this is simply
not the case. Lab diamonds are real diamonds and display the exact same chemical
composition and optical brilliance as natural diamonds, making it impossible to distinguish
between the two with the naked eye.

Photo reference: Macy Oval 0.94ct Lab Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Ring

Lab diamonds are even loved by celebrities such as Meghan Markle. She has been seen
sporting lab grown diamonds back in 2018, she wore earrings studded with the lab
diamonds. So, with Meghan’s endorsement of the jewellery she certainly has given lab
grown diamonds the royal seal of approval!

Making these engineered diamonds often more desirable than natural diamonds as they are
free from flaws and impurities that are acquired in the formation and mining of natural
diamonds. More affordable than natural diamonds with lower environmental impacts yet just
as luxurious, dazzling and durable, lab diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who
want a real diamond without the financial and environmental cost.

Lab Grown Coloured Gemstones Rings

Chatham®, the world-leading coloured laboratory grown gemstone jewellery, is a partner at
Lily Arkwright. Chatham® grows gemstones from laboratory crystals to create the earth’s
finest jewellery pieces that are 100% identical to naturally occurring gems. They are
renowned for their lab-created rubies with rich red shades, emeralds with glowing green
facets and intense blue sapphires, among other vibrant gemstones. Once again the lab
process of creating any coloured gemstone is a replica of what happens underground to
form natural gemstones.

Photo Reference: Diana 2.72ct Chatham® Blue Sapphire & Lab Diamond 19k Rose Gold Ring

The amazing benefits of lab created gemstones include:

● Brilliant price point yet still identical to naturally occurring stones.
● Bright and vibrant colours free from imperfections.
● Eco-friendly, ethically lab grown gemstones don’t require energy draining digging
or exploitive mining methods.

Moissanite, coloured gemstones and lab grown diamonds all make amazing engagement
rings and whichever gemstone you decide to choose Lily Arkwright even has a bespoke ring
design service for those who want something truly unique. As well as the wide range of
options available on their website, Lily Arkwright’s jewellery consultancy team will work with
you personally and make your very own moissanite engagement ring or lab diamond
engagement ring, thus translating your ideas into a reality bespoke piece.

Photo Reference: Lively Emerald 2.52ct Moissanite, Platinum Ring

Ultimately, the choice between coloured gems, moissanite and lab-diamonds is completely
down to you! Whatever you pick, make sure that it is a ring you dearly love, as your decision
has to be the choice which brings you the most happiness. However, rest assured at Lily
Arkwright they value the highest quality materials, and the expert British Craftsmanship of
Goldsmiths, but the price of moissanite engagement rings and lab diamond engagement
rings means that dreaming big can be a reality. Take a look at their wide variety of affordable
styles that don’t compromise on quality or leave a mark on your ethical consciousness.

And…if you are still struggling and need some extra guidance on what would suit you the
best then you can always pay a visit to Lily Arkwright’s UK showroom for an in-person
consultation or alternatively book an online session with their trained jewellery consultants

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