A news style blog post is something we all read, often without realising it.  It is what features on big websites when they report a story!  If you have a blog or business that covers news topics or want to create a news style article about your business. You’ll need tips on how to do it.  Let’s dive in.

What is a news blog post?

A news blog post is simply a blog post that reports a news topic rather than a how-to or review type of post.  A news style article can be used to share timely information about your business or product. It will typically be shorter than a regular blog post.

Or you can have a blog that is focused on creating a news-style experience for users.  This means all of the blog posts will be news style. You will need to be on the ball to create content as soon as news breaks.

A sports news blog is an example of this type of blog, as is an entertainment news blog.  A good example of the latter is The Huffington Post. HP covers a wide variety of topics in addition to celebrity and world news. 

Major news networks such as the BBC in the UK and CNN in the US technically write news blog posts. However, theirs are more derived from the news they report on their TV channels.

How long should the article be?

A news style blog-post is usually around 500 words long. This includes any quotes you use in the story and references to other sources of information.

It can be longer. If it is a more in-depth article that is looking into the history or background of a topic.  Or it may be shorter. If it is something like a report on a previous night’s football match or the latest celebrity story.

What kind of headline should you have?

Headlines are always important on blog posts and news style blogs are no different.  Sometimes people go with sensation or ‘clickbait’ style headlines but it is better to avoid these where possible.  Always make sure your headline is accurate to the content of the article.

You can make headlines a little longer than for many blog posts, if needed. But, remember, only a set number of characters will appear in search engine results.

How do you cite people correctly in the post?

One of the key parts of building a credible news story is to quote people impacted by the story.  This could be a customer who had a great experience using your product. Aa bit like a testimonial. Through to the star player that scored the winning goal at the match.

There are some best practices for quoting people in articles.  These include:

– Make sure you attribute the person correctly to source.  If someone is quoted from a company press release, for example, it should say “Company Press Release”. This shows that you are not making up quotes and attributing them as your own work. Also make sure that if any information has been altered then this needs to be shown to avoid confusion

– Link to where the original quote came from if it is online.  This helps with the transparency of your content. This does not mean you are able to use their whole article word for word.

– Give context where necessary about who this person is, for those outside of a particular industry or company. This should be done in parentheses and not quote marks. This is so it’s clear that you are giving background information rather than quoting someone directly.

– Stick to one sentence from each source unless the article is primarily about them

– Link to the source of any information that is cited in the post. Use either a hyperlink or citation after each sentence.  Hyperlinks can be used if it’s an online article. Citations should only be used when they contain more than one paragraph from another.

How do you format a news style blog post?

Formatting for news style blog posts can be pretty straightforward.  For example,  you could use images to break up the text and make the article more visually interesting.  This could include of the person, item or location mentioned in the article.

Keep paragraph relatively short so that the article is easy to read and avoid big walls of text.  Think about how newspapers format their articles and use this for inspiration.

What’s the difference between a news blog post and a press release?

News blog posts are more personal, opinionated and/or subjective than press releases.  Press releases are objective about the information they’re providing. Whereas news blogs can include opinions or how a person feels about something mentioned in their article.

Creating an effective news post

News style blog posts can be used in lots of different ways.  From broadcasting the latest news to telling a story about your company or even someone within it. They are a good way to break up blog content and add something different.

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