Before I had a Thermomix I had zero cooking skills. Well, I still do actually but OMG the Thermomix TM6 has revolutionised my kitchen and changed my life. Even my husband is a convert and that’s saying something!

As I just mentioned, my cooking skills were seriously zero. Takeaways and easy cook, pre-packaged supermarket food were my go to, when it came to cooking. Our friends would have dinner parties and I used to think, they make it all look so effortless.

I used to dread it when my turn came around to host a dinner party. Menu options were Chinese or Indian takeaway with a dessert from the supermarket. I could never understand why my friends were always so enthusiastic about cooking. What’s there to like? Admittedly they all loved cooking but they all had a Thermomix too which they were always talking about and I didn’t understand why…until I saw a cooking demonstration.

Orange Salmon with Broccoli Couscous and Fine Beans

Now I make dishes from scratch, like orange salmon with broccoli couscous and biscoff cakes to name a couple of recipes I’ve turned my hand to. I would never have attempted these before having the TM6 and using the step by step guided cooking from Cookidoo, the recipe app with over 60,000 recipes from around the world.

So what is the TM6 and what does it do?  Well, in short, it is an all-in-one food processor and cooker with multiple functions. With one stainless-steel bowl, state-of-the-art mixing knife, precision heating element and an integrated scale the TM6 can chop, beat, blend, whip, weigh, grind, knead, mince and more at the touch of a button.

I’m going to be preparing Halloween and Christmas food ideas so stay tuned and if you would like to see a demonstration of the TM6, let me know, as I am now an advisor for Thermomix and would love to show you how it can change your life in the kitchen too.