The city of Arlington, VA has plenty of neighbourhoods that are available for people that want to move there to enjoy. You have to take into account the costs that you will need to live there and other factors. 

You want all of these things, but you should also want your area to be clean and attractive so that others can admire it just like you. Places like Bluemont, Radnor/Fort Myer Heights, and Ballston/Virginia Square are some of the prettiest in the available Arlington real estate.

Photo By: James Quinn


Bluemont is one of the largest neighbourhoods out in the suburbs of Arlington. What makes this place so pretty or what separates it from other areas?

That answer can be quite simple, but also a difficult one to answer. Is it the streets with little traffic or the wooded areas that are covered by trees helping to counter the bustling remainder of Arlington?

There are two local parks with trails that connect to the area and simply taking a walk around the calming surroundings of these wooded areas will show you why Bluemont is one of the prettiest areas in Arlington, Virginia.

Radnor/Fort Myer Heights

Beauty can show itself in many different ways. It’s clear that some of the big things that make Radnor/Fort Myers pretty or beautiful are the diverse housing and the sense of being comfy with the surroundings.

The diverse housing in Radnor is pretty, because of how different the places are where people live. You can see a mix of housing types that include townhouses, condominiums, garden apartments and co-ops.

There are luxury properties that you can see that add views of all sorts of things like monuments, the Potomac, etc. Beautiful houses with pretty views sound like a can’t-miss deal to me.

The housing is great, but what about the people that live in them? The area is diverse as well, yet the community remains comfy and snug. It can range from couples that have been married and living there for years, to younger residents living with their roommates.

The people offer such a diverse look at how parts of Radnor operate. The diversity is so different, that it’s almost beautiful in its own right. The best way to understand this is to explore the area yourself so that you can take it all in and feel the diversity. 

Photo By: Sara Cottell

Ballston/Virginia Square

Being physically pretty or beautiful is a huge part of how attractive an area of a city can be, but it’s the historical beauty that gives Ballston its beauty. The city got its name from the Ball family, whose family cemetery is one of many that exists in the surrounding area.

All the monuments that were left behind show that historical beauty right before your own eyes. Sites like the Air Force Monument and the monument to President William Howard Taft are just a few of the many that give Ballston its beauty.

To walk down the street and imagine what cemeteries might have existed back then or the monuments that are now located there is a first-hand experience that you can only feel by seeing all the monuments and surroundings that will help you to take in everything that Ballston has.

Photo By: Benkrut – Arlington, Virginia seen with Potomac River from Washington