Starting a business from your own home is a great earner for stay-at-home parents that need to juggle their family commitments.

The freedom to be your own boss draws in a lot of budding business hopefuls, and by setting up from your residence, you’ll cut down on costs.

Whether you’re a qualified barber working from your conservatory, or a creative crafter looking to make a profit off your hobby, here are five ways to help get your name out there and draw in customers.

Photo by Melanie Deziel

1. Carve Out Your Own Space

Working at home has its benefits, but it also has its distractions.

It’s important that you carve out a designated space within your home from which to run your business.

Whether this is a home office which you can shut the door on when you find yourself in need of a break, or a craft room where you can create the masterpieces that you intend to sell.

Having a workspace that reserved for business will help you firm up your work/life balance.

2. Get Involved in the Community

Making your presence known in your local community is a great way to bring in more business.

While competing with large retailers can seem like a hard task at first, research indicates that customers are increasingly looking to small, local businesses for more of their consumer needs.

Set up shop on the weekend markets in your town, or volunteer at your closest community centre. This way your neighbourhood will start to take notice of who you are and what you do.

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3. Have a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

With most consumers discovering new businesses online, digital marketing is a must if you want to increase your brand awareness and create conversions.

This can be hard, especially when you’re first getting started. However, there are experts out there, such as the professionals at Maratopia Digital Marketing, who can help you get set up.

From keyword optimisation, to ensuring the speed of your website, a good digital marketing strategy is vital for drawing new customers.

4. Collect Reviews

Customers trust the opinions of other customers. By gathering reviews and displaying them on your website, you’ll help to demonstrate that you’re a brand that can be trusted.

In the event that you do receive a negative review, it’s important that you don’t ignore them. If you can respond to these, you’ll demonstrate that you care about fulfilling your customers’ needs, and that you’re prepared to go the extra mile to deliver a great service.

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5. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools for getting your brand out in the world. It’s estimated that by 2025, there will be more than 4 billion social media users worldwide, and while your business won’t appeal to all of them, it’s a great way to reach new consumers.

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and even if you aren’t willing to use it in your personal life, it’s important that your business has a presence across a range of platforms.

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